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Books found on Bookappisodes are different from other books.  Our authors are brilliantly talented writers who are flexible and able to work under pressure… and they have agreed to give the readers a voice in their story.

How does this work?

Each week an appisode (chapter) in a book is released. At the end of the appisode a question in presented with two options.  These options will take the story down two different paths.  Readers have 5 days to vote on how they feel the story should go.


You may read along and never participate if you’d like… although acceptable, it’s bound to get boring.  We suggest creating a personalized profile so that you can actually cast a vote and have a say in what happens. 

Must I create a profile to vote?

Yes.  Don’t worry, you’re not going to have to fill out pages of personal information…. Honestly, we don’t want to sort through it and frankly, we’re not that nosy.  The whole process will take less than three minutes. Two if you type fast.

How many times can I vote?

You are given one free vote 24 hours after voting.  You can vote five times at a minimum – unless you have accumulated extra BOVOs (see BOVO tab).  Extra BOVOs allow you to cast more than one vote at a time and more often.  The more votes you use, the greater your chances of getting the story to go the way you want it to!

How do I vote?

Well, it depends on the device you’re using to read.

Through the website: You’ll see a question and the two voting options at the bottom of the appisode. Just click and vote. 

Through the app: At the end of the appisode you’ll see the question. Click on the voting symbol, which will take you to the two voting options…. again, easy!

In either case, you’ll see a slider that allows you to select the number of votes you’d like to use.  You get one free vote every 24 hours after voting – but some of our lucky readers have accumulated extra votes to use. Find out how you can be lucky too – see BOVO info tab!

How long are the books?

Each book is made up of seasons.  Each season consists of 12 appisodes. 

Commenting on the story…

Feel free to comment in the appisode you’ve just voted on.  Some of our readers are VERY VOCAL – which is great! Writers enjoy reading the “NOOOO….how did you let that happen?” comments almost as much as the “Finally – my vote won!” comments.  However, we ask that you keep to the designated COMMENT boxes provided at the end of each appisode.

We’d much rather keep our support email for technical support questions. Thanks.  

Problems with uploading comments and profile pictures.

Much like life, we must allow for some processing time.  You may not see your comment or picture immediately – do not panic.  In all likelihood it’ll be there when you refresh 10 minutes later.  If you still have trouble, try uploading it through the website.

Can I publish my book on Bookappisodes?

Yes! We are currently looking for new authors to launch their own book series.  Check out our Submissions tab and see if you’re the right fit. 

If there's a book you really want to read but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.
~Toni Morrison

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