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Appisode 0: Season Two Recap

The second season opens by revealing the answer to the big question: Who is Beth McKellar’s father?  To Beth’s dismay, it is none other than her nemesis, Dean Roman Clark.  Beth and Stu keep this information to themselves as they continue to dig, uncovering an aunt, Miranda Clark, living at Meadow View.

Nicole realizes that the entire campus knows about Noah and Savannah’s kiss. She immediately believes that Ava must have let the secret out and sets out to destroy Ava’s ‘perfect’ life.  The path to revenge begins with the seduction of Robert Williams, Ava’s father. This secret is uncovered by Stu’s mother, Andrea, who now works at the William’s mansion. She reveals this secret to her son, but makes him promise not mention it to anyone, especially Beth, for fear of losing her job.

Josh finally reveals his relationship with the college TA, Jace, to Noah.  Noah, in turn, shares his indiscretion with Savannah and the dramatic texting game the two girls were involved in.

Whispered phone calls and Robert’s late nights at work has Beth’s mother, Claire, paranoid that her relationship may be in jeopardy.  Her worries are set aside as Roberts reveals that the closed door conversations were just about changing his will and life insurance policies, which will now include herself and daughter, Beth.

Jess Rodriguez, AKA Garcia, working undercover as a co-ed, is hot on Robert’s heels.  She searches for evidence that he murdered his first two wives and is planning to do the same to Claire.

The season ends with Nicole announcing her pregnancy to Robert.    


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