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Appisode 0: Season One Recap

Looking for love and a new life, small town girl Andy Hara moved to the sky rises of Vancouver. Her first week there, she and her dog Newt bump into city slicker Parker – a guarded boy with an attitude, but an intriguing find no less. Although her aunt warns her, Andy quickly develops feelings for him, and dreams of a better life. That dream is quickly shattered, however, when Andy finds out, at a party Parker took her to, that she was just a puzzle piece in his plan to get his ex-girlfriend Tessa back.

A year later, finding refuge in a suburb on the outskirts of Vancouver, Andy finds herself in a better more guarded place, where Parker and feelings are a thing of the past. She finds herself shocked however, when work calls her for a meeting downtown, and ends up once again, ramming into Parker. But that was just the beginning of Andy’s nightmare.

An earthquake shatters the streets of Vancouver, tearing down buildings, killing Tessa, and bringing up buried memories. Deciding to search for Parker’s family instead of racing to higher ground, the two get swept into a tsunami, drowning any sorts of disagreement between them. They begin the journey to Andy’s home in the suburbs, hoping for shelter to hold them for the night. They detour, however, when Parker insists on entering Brentwood Mall, and the two end up having to take a couple to the nearest hospital.

Running on fumes, the two are crushed when they see Andy’s home has been destroyed by the earthquake. The companions decide there is nowhere else to go but north, to Andy’s aunt on Green Lake, and take off in her truck the next day. Almost immediately, the two cross paths with trouble when on the Portmann bridge, a man refuses to let them pass. Parker talks their way through, but that is only the beginning of their trouble with strangers.

When the companions reach what they hoped to be a safe camp for those displaced, they see nothing but ashes. Sifting for something useful in the debris, Parker gets chased by a man that had been eating one of the corpses. The two continue driving down the highway and stop for the night.

In the morning they decide to brave another shopping mall in Abbotsford, partly for supplies, mostly for a new vehicle because the tire on Andy’s truck had blown. In the mall, they are apprehended by a group who reveals that the cannibal Andy and Parker crossed paths with wasn’t just the only one; and, that the cannibal was not part of a cult, but in fact was a regular person that couldn’t control his rage.

After finding a new vehicle and traveling through a dangerous mob in Chilliwack, Parker, Andy, and Newt take the Coquihalla. What they hoped was a gamble that would pay off, ends up in a fight and Andy leaving Parker.

After walking for hours on end, Andy comes across a bar in Kamloops and pours her heart out to the bartender. But something isn’t right with the man, and he ends up attacking her and would’ve nearly killed her if Parker hadn’t come to the rescue. The two make amends and continue on their way to Andy’s aunt.

Things seem to right themselves along the way. It rains for the first time in months, and Andy realizes that a boyfriend does not complete one’s life, and the pair finally see themselves as two friends that have each other’s backs.

This, however, is shattered when Andy’s aunt opens the door, a grave look upon her face.


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