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What are BOVOs?

BOVOs are Book Votes.  They help you decide how the story should go.  Now don’t go thinking you’re the big boss…nope.

Everyone can get BOVOs and everyone can vote.

Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose.

How do I use my BOVOs?

It’s easy! When you’re logged in, you can cast a vote in the current appisode.  Select the number of votes you’d like to cast by dragging the vote button to the right! It’s that easy!!

Don’t you love the word FREE?

We know you do… so we’re giving you FREE book votes (AKA BOVOs) to use any way you wish.  Every 24 hours after you cast a vote, you get a new one to replace it…. I know, I wish money worked like that too.

So… let’s do the math…. you are getting 5 votes a week.

5 X 52 is 260 FREE VOTES!!

But sometimes 5 a week isn’t enough!

No, you’re right.  Sometimes there’s a character that has gotten up in your face and it’s time to teach him a lesson. Or there’s a party you must read about.  More importantly, How many votes would it take to kill off a character?

Understandably, at times, one vote will simply not do.

Not to worry. There are ways to get bonus votes.

YUP, that’s right – MORE FREE VOTES!!

Sign me up for BONUS BOVOs!!

There are several ways to get extra BONUS BOVOs

1. Get 10 BONUS BOVOs just by enrolling in the BOVO Program on the bookappisodes.com… you’ll find it under your dazzling profile picture 

2.Get 25 Bonus BOVOs each time you log on to the website and refer a friend, who then creates an account on bookappisodes.com… super easy! They don’t even have to mention your name – they just click on the link that is automatically sent when you refer. 

If they don’t sign up…. oh well, one less birthday gift to buy next year – it was probably time to cut them out anyway.

3. Finally, keep an eye out for special deals, events or contests where BONUS BOVOs are being issued as prizes.


SO you've used up all your FREE BOVOs?

Can’t get enough? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered.  You can always purchase BOVOS…. I know, I know… not as good as FREE – but still great to have the option when you’re feeling desperate or the vote is critical! Some days you really want the vote to go your way!  

BOVOs can only be purchased through the app. 

When you've run out of BOVOs, a convenient box will pop up giving you several BOVO package options to pick from....get 10, get 50. Get whatever will satisfy your needs! 


If there's a book you really want to read but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.
~Toni Morrison

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