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Created by L. Boddez and L. Fernandes

2015 - 3 Seasons

Drama (13+)

Montecito, a place where generous trust funds and secrets are plentiful. This dramatic series follows college student Beth McKellar as she trades in her cramped Seattle apartment for the biggest mansion in Montecito.

Season 1

Appisode 0: FREE Preview of Season 1

The exciting first season of Montecito is now available for purchase on Amazon! Open this appisode for a direct link or to read a FREE preview.

Season 2

Appisode 0: FREE Preview of Season 2

The exciting second season of Montecito is now available for purchase on Amazon! Open this appisode for a direct link or to read a FREE preview.

Season 3

Appisode 0: Season Two Recap

A brief recap of the main events in Season 2 to refresh your memory, or get caught up quickly.

Appisode 1: The Meeting

In the third season opener, Beth and Stu face a crisis with their Network app; Nicole muses over the changes to her body; Claire experiences more health issues, prompting a visit to the doctor again.

Appisode 2: The Applicant

Beth sets out to meet Noah, only to be called away to Clark’s office for a surprising revelation.

Appisode 3: The Suspect

Nicole's mother and sister observe some changes in her behavior; Jess's search of the Williams mansion for evidence is interrupted.

Appisode 4: The Evidence

Beth walks into a party planning agency hoping for anonymity but encounters familiar faces; Beth looks for extra storage space in the garage and is surprised by what she finds; Jess continues to build her case; Beth and Stu make further plans for the Network Gala.

Appisode 5: The Arrest

Jess finally gets the warrant; Robert is brought in for questioning; Andrea, Stu’s mother, is forced to reconsider keeping Robert’s secret; Lux digs for information about Nicole’s pregnancy.

Appisode 6: The Reveal

Robert meets with his lawyer; Jace receives payment for a job; Beth and Stu continue to work on the upcoming Network party when they run into Nicole; Ava calls from Europe. *VOTING IS OPEN FOR TWO WEEKS.

Appisode 7: The Gala

Nicole visits Robert in prison; Beth and Stu prepare for the Network Gala; A surprise uninvited guest shows up to the Network Gala.

Appisode 8: The Alignment

Ava returns from Europe; Claire visits Robert and brings him some surprising news; Dean Clark questions Jace and gives him an ultimatum; Nicole has a heart to heart with Noah.

Appisode 9: The Ultimatum

Dean Clark confronts Jace and issues an ultimatum; Ava visits her father at the jailhouse; Claire and Beth fight about Robert’s case; Jace must break some bad news to Josh.

Appisode 10: The Goodbye

The court case for Robert Williams has begun; Noah provides some support for Beth; Ava and Beth reconnect, attending a going away party; Roman Clark makes a startling discovery.

Appisode 11: The Ultrasound

Kim Cameron meets with Claire McKellar to offer her support; Roman Clark confronts a past love; Nicole goes for her first ultrasound.

Appisode 12: The Verdict

Kate and Nicole plan a baby shower; Claire and Ava discuss the future; Beth get nervous watching the trial updates and visits Jess for reassurance; the jury brings in a verdict ​

If there's a book you really want to read but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.
~Toni Morrison

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