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Five Seconds

Created by Alexa Ishikawa

2015 - 2 Seasons

Drama (13+)

Andy Hara, a hopeless romantic, moves to the big city of Vancouver in hopes of new beginnings. Follow her adventure as she fights for strength, hope and humanity itself. *SECOND SEASON PREMIERES AUGUST 26TH. Catch up on Season 1 so you can play along!

Season 1

Appisode 1: First Impressions

In the series premiere, Andy has doubts about moving to the big city. Upon arrival, however, her unorthodox meeting with an intriguing stranger may change her mind.

Appisode 2: Home

Sparks fly at an impromptu dinner; Parker's plan to get Tessa back eats away at him.

Appisode 3: Ex to See

Andy goes to a party with Parker and finds out the hard way that things aren't always what they seem.

Appisode 4: Five Seconds

The world detonates.

Appisode 5: The Wave

A tsunami engulfs the city; Parker and Andy get caught in a life or death decision.

Appisode 6: Static

Parker finds himself unable to escape the grasp of grief; our characters make it to Andy's house.

Appisode 7: Two Crows on a Journey

Parker and Andy search for supplies in neighbouring houses; a heavy decision must be made.

Appisode 8: People Are Crazy

Parker and Andy begin the treacherous journey to her Aunt's home; things are not what they seem.

Appisode 9: Dreams

Andy's nightmares finally catch up to her. The two find themselves once again at a mall.

Appisode 10: Newt

Newt proves his loyalty in a dire situation.

Appisode 11: No Goodbye

Parker and Andy travel the Coquihalla; emotions boil over.

Appisode 12: End of an Era

The journey comes to an end.

Season 2

Appisode 0: Season One Recap

Read for a quick refresher on Season 1, or to catch up quickly before Season 2 launches!

Appisode 1: Back in Time

Two months ago, an earthquake shook the city of Vancouver. Here is the tale through the eyes of its survivors.

Appisode 2: Living in a Coffin

Parker and Andy try to make things work in their new home. Too bad oil and water don’t mesh well.

Appisode 3: Dark Side of the Moon

Joy tries to rescue a stranger; Sam and Leena need to deal with injuries and where to go next.

Appisode 4: We All Fall Down Forever

Parker escapes through the night, but doesn’t make it far.

Appisode 5: Bloodtown

Parker and Andy begin their new life as members of the VCC.

Appisode 6: Until There’s Nothing Left

Amie, Parker, and Andy meet up under poor circumstances.

Appisode 7: Hearts Left in the Past

Parker performs his first mission with the group; Andy stays behind at the warehouse.

Appisode 8: Fix Me

Andy confronts Amie, but it doesn’t end the way Andy wanted it to.

Appisode 9: Crazietown

Parker and Andy race back to the warehouse to warn the group about a massive group of Crazies coming their way.

Appisode 10: While We’re Young

Things escalate as a group escapes the fires of the warehouse.

Appisode 11: Where do we go from here?

Andy discovers life-altering news and must make a decision with no right answer.

Appisode 12: Time and all its Friends

December 24th arrives, and Parker and Andy fight for their lives.

If there's a book you really want to read but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.
~Toni Morrison

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