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Finding Anna

Created by Katie Cross

2015 - 1 Season

Drama (13+)

Anna Buchanan is a freshman college student with only one plan: live life. Unfortunately, she doesn't know how. The heartwarming series follows naive Anna through quirky roommates and unattainable college boys in an epic quest to find herself.

Appisode 1: The Premiere

In the series premiere, college freshman Anna Buchanan has a disastrous run-in with the guy of her dreams, meets her strange new roommate, and tries to get her zealous mother off her back.

Appisode 2: The Adventure Train

Anna makes an unexpected deal with her new roommate Sophie, her best friend Taysom has a surprise, and she makes dinner plans with a coworker.

Appisode 3: All the Right Reasons

Anna meets with the CEO of GoTeachGo, has dinner with Chase, and introduces Sophie to her family.

Appisode 4: Seriously?

Sophie announces a new relationship status; Anna finds out more about Chase; Sophie meets Anna’s mother.

Appisode 5: Changes

Anna finds out more about the GoTeachGo scholarship and learns some shocking news during Thanksgiving dinner with Chase, Anna, and her parents.

Appisode 6: Decisions

Anna gets good news from Mr. Darnell, goes shopping with Sophie, and has a conversation with her mother.

Appisode 7: Have Some Fun

Anna has a heart-to-heart with her father, tells her best friend Taysom the news about her mother, and goes on an unexpected date with Chase.

Appisode 8: It's Sadness

Chase kisses Anna for the first time, Anna and Taysom go to Sophie’s violin recital, and Sophie goes on a date with a restaurant owner.

Appisode 9: No Guarantee

Sophie tells Anna about her new dream beau, Chase breaks some news to Anna, and her mother goes into surgery.

Appisode 10: I'm Sorry

Anna’s mother comes out of surgery, Anna apologizes to Sophie, and chats with Taysom about her future.

Appisode 11: No Regrets

Mr. Darnell gives Anna news on her scholarship to Africa, Sophie comes clean, and Chase has a new proposal for Anna.

Appisode 12: Something Great

In the season finale, Chase and Anna talk about their future, Anna tells Ma she’s not leaving, and Anna and Sophie say goodbye.

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~Toni Morrison

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