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Disorderly Conduct: Widower

Created by Jordan Andrew

2016 - 1 Season

Mystery (13+)

Natalia dos Santos is one very feisty, very pregnant homicide detective who loves to bend the rules. And she does just that as she struggles to find the right balance between being a mother and finding a killer.

Appisode 1: 48:00 - In the Beginning

In the series premiere of "Widower", Natalia and her partner Emerson receive a confusing new murder case; even though the pregnant Natalia is on desk duty, she manages to head out and investigate.

Appisode 2: 46:52 - Life After Death

Natalia and Emerson visit the morgue looking for more information on Jane Paxton; Natalia begins to get pressure from home as her work days become longer.

Appisode 3: 26:45 - Buts about it

Natalia goes to work despite her husband’s wish for her to stay at home; discoveries lead to more complications of the case. POLLS ARE OPEN FOR 2 WEEKS - Catch up on the case & vote daily! Voting closes August 12.

Appisode 4: 37:29 - Book of Jane

Natalia and Emerson are interrupted by Captain Bridges while investigating the Christopher Greenway murder. The book Natalia found on the shelf holds a wonderful clue, and brings them a step closer to solving the murder.

Appisode 5: 35:59 - Christopher Jackson Greenway

Gabriel gives vital information on the DNA found on Christopher Greenway; Natalia and Emerson get visits from Captain Bridges and a mysterious woman who gives them another piece to the puzzle.

Appisode 6: 34:07 - Warrant for Tomorrow

A trip home early for Natalia leads to a uncalled for but much appreciated revelation towards the case. Emerson and Natalia look into their tip from Larissa regarding Sabrina Paxton.

Appisode 7: 22:18 - Remember the Forgotten

Emerson chases down Lee and Sabrina. Tempers rise when sensitivities prove to be more than the homicide detectives can handle.

Appisode 8: 20:54 Lies and Recollections

Lee recalls a memory that happened to surface when Natalia steps in to stop Emerson from beating the living daylights out of him. The story reveals a new lead to the case. Emerson takes Natalia on a mini road trip.

Appisode 9: 19:47 - The Truth Hurts

Natalia’s husband, Matthew, comes to see Natalia at Hamilton and see if she’s alright. Proving to be too much for Emerson, Natalia and Matthew to handle, they become irritable quickly. VOTING OPEN FOR TWO WEEKS - Catch up on the story and cast your vote!

Appisode 10: 18:45 - The Dead Ringer

Natalia and Emerson ‘hawl’ Franklin Davis in for an overly emotional interview, which reveals that someone he loves dearly may be involved in the case.

Appisode 11: 17:00 –Under Their Noses

With Captain Bridges lead, Natalia and Emerson go to Lee Paxton’s house, but Emerson has different plans for Natalia when it comes to catching Jane.

Appisode 12: 00:00 – Truth be Told

Natalia wants everything to be alright. And she knows that in the end, it will be.

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~Toni Morrison

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