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Five Seconds

Andy Hara, a hopeless romantic, moves to the big city of Vancouver in hopes of new beginnings. Follow her adventure as she fights for strength, hope and humanity itself. *SECOND SEASON PREMIERES AUGUST 26TH. Catch up on Season 1 so you can play along!

Appisode 12: Time and all its Friends

December 24th arrives, and Parker and Andy fight for their lives.

Disorderly Conduct: Widower

Natalia dos Santos is one very feisty, very pregnant homicide detective who loves to bend the rules. And she does just that as she struggles to find the right balance between being a mother and finding a killer.

Appisode 12: 00:00 – Truth be Told

Natalia wants everything to be alright. And she knows that in the end, it will be.


Montecito, a place where generous trust funds and secrets are plentiful. This dramatic series follows college student Beth McKellar as she trades in her cramped Seattle apartment for the biggest mansion in Montecito.

Appisode 12: The Verdict

Kate and Nicole plan a baby shower; Claire and Ava discuss the future; Beth get nervous watching the trial updates and visits Jess for reassurance; the jury brings in a verdict ​

Montecito Season 1

The exciting first season of Montecito is now available for purchase on Amazon! Open this appisode for a direct link. Thank you Bookappisodes voters for being part of the path to publication! If you don't have a Kindle device, you can simply download the free Kindle app for your phone, tablet or iPad. *Trade paperback coming October 2016!

Appisode 0: Season 1 is available on Amazon!

Open the appisode for more information, read a FREE PREVIEW of the first appisode and get a direct link to purchase Season 1 on Amazon.

Finding Anna

Anna Buchanan is a freshman college student with only one plan: live life. Unfortunately, she doesn't know how. The heartwarming series follows naive Anna through quirky roommates and unattainable college boys in an epic quest to find herself.

Appisode 12: Something Great

In the season finale, Chase and Anna talk about their future, Anna tells Ma she’s not leaving, and Anna and Sophie say goodbye.

If there's a book you really want to read but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.
~Toni Morrison

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